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You cannot make any changes to your bookings on CheckMyTrip. If you need to book or modify your travel plans, or if you need further information that you can’t find in the application, contact the travel provider that you purchased your tickets from.


CheckMyTrip allows access to certain airline check-in pages by redirecting you to the airline’s website starting 24 hours prior to flight departure.

You cannot store or print electronic boarding passes in CheckMyTrip. For any questions related to your boarding pass, contact your airline or travel provider directly.

[Available only for CheckMyTrip Android]: Once you linked your boarding pass with your flight, it is not uploaded anywhere on our side. We just create a quick link between your file on your device and our application, so that you can access it faster. Once you logout of CheckMyTrip, this link is then deleted. If you move or remove the file on your device, CheckMyTrip will not be able to access it anymore.

You can view your e-Ticket number by tapping on the trip card in your itinerary page. You cannot access electronic tickets directly in CheckMyTrip. Questions regarding your electronic ticket should be addressed to your airline or travel provider.

You cannot change or select seats directly in the application. You must contact the airline or travel provider directly to reserve or change your assigned seat.

The baggage allowance depends on the airline you’re flying with. This information will be displayed in CheckMyTrip if it is provided in your booking confirmation by the airline. If you require more details regarding baggage allowance (like cabin baggage allowance or maximum permissible weight of a checked-in bag), contact your airline or travel provider directly

Simply forward your booking confirmation emails to and we will import your trip details for you. Just make sure that the email you are forwarding from is the same email that is associated with your CheckMyTrip account. If your trip is booked through the Amadeus Booking system (by travel agencies or airlines using Amadeus), you can also add it through the manual import feature.

If you have a trip added in CheckMyTrip you will be able to see the COVID-19 travel information and regulations for your departure, arrival and transiting country (in case you have a layover). You can access this information by going to the trip summary details and clicking on “Check latest COVID-19 travel restrictions”.

COVID-19 information displayed in CheckMyTrip comes from our partner Riskline, a third party travel risk intelligence provider, and may change very fast due to the context and nature of regulations. We disclaim any liability for its accuracy or completeness and strongly advise that you check the travel requirements with your airline and local authorities before your trip.

Account Management

You can register with your social login, or if you prefer, simply provide an email address and password and click on the ” Register ” button. You will receive an email with an activation link to validate your email address within 48 hours. Once the validation is complete, you can log in to CheckMyTrip.

When you first create an account, an email is sent to the email address you provided with a link to activate your account. The activation link is valid for the next 48 hours. If you did not receive the activation email, or did not click on the link provided in the email, use the ” Forgot Password ” option below the login button. You will receive a new activation link.

Your login identifier is the email address you registered with. If you want to change your email address, you need to create a new account with the new email address. Please note that you will have to re-import all your future trips (past trips can be imported if they have not been purged from the system) using the new account.

When logged in on web:

1. Navigate to More > Settings > Personal Information 
2. Click on Delete account and follow the instructions

When logged in on the app:
1. Navigate to the menu and choose Profile > Personal Information
2. Click on Delete account and follow the instructions

Once the account has been deleted, we automatically delete all the personal information stored in our CheckMyTrip system.

Trip display​

Bookings done on the Amadeus booking system (by travel agencies or airlines using Amadeus) are automatically updated in CheckMyTrip. For bookings done on non-Amadeus systems/providers, we do not receive the updates. Hence you need to send your updated booking confirmation email, which includes the modifications to

If you can’t see a recently added trip, please refresh your trip list by pressing the refresh button or simply pulling the screen down.

Use the “remove” option of the trip you want to remove. Note that removing a trip from your trip list has no effect on the actual booking itself.

A booking reference number (also referred to as a ” PNR ” or ” Record locator “) is a six-digit code containing letters and/or numbers. You will find your booking reference number on your ticket or in the confirmation email provided by your travel provider.

If you get the message ” your booking cannot be retrieved because it might have been cancelled “, contact your travel provider directly.

Always check flight information with your airline or departure airport. CheckMyTrip displays and sends some flight alert messages (via email or push notifications) if your flight changes status. These messages are based on content we receive from our partners who specialize in flight status information. Information on flight status provided by CheckMyTrip is indicative.

Your booking with similar criteria might be merged automatically into one single trip. However, since this action is automatic, sometimes you, as a user, may prefer to keep the individual bookings separate. To help you, we created this unmerge trip feature. By going into the menu of your trip, choose the “Unmerge trip” option, and then select “unmerge” your trip will be split into the separate bookings that make up this grouped trip. Please also note that splitting your trip will only impact how your bookings are displayed in the app, but all your booking content will remain the same as before.

Trip import

Only bookings done on the Amadeus booking system (for travel providers that are customers of Amadeus solutions) can be imported through the manual import feature. Some of these providers do not wish to display their bookings on CheckMyTrip automatically. You can forward your booking confirmation email to from the email address linked to your account and the details of your trip will be automatically added in your trip list.

The error response suggests that your booking provider is not yet supported by CheckMyTrip. Also double check that you are sending the booking confirmation email from the email address associated to your CheckMyTrip account. You should also avoid automated signatures inside an email forward, the analysis can fail due to this extra information.

When you forward your confirmation email, it might be that some information cannot be integrated into CheckMyTrip. Your booking confirmation email should always remain as your reference. We are continuously improving CheckMyTrip to avoid such discrepancies.

If you import a trip using booking reference, first and last name while logged in to CheckMyTrip, please click on the ” add trip ” button on top of the trip list. If you forward a booking confirmation email to CheckMyTrip, the trip will automatically be saved to your trip list.

You can click on ‘Add to calendar’ when displaying a trip. From a computer, within the display of one of your trips, you can click on ‘Calendar’ when displaying a trip. CheckMyTrip will generate an .ics file that you can download to your computer. Once downloaded, you either ‘drag-n-drop’ or import it into your own calendar software.

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